Your Design

No Fly Zone bottle tops can be customised for any purpose:

• Tourism souvenirs

• Events

• Festivals

• Corporate Promotion

• Sporting Clubs

• Tourist Resorts

• Alfresco Restaurants

The images on the top of the No Fly Zone bottle tops are printed onto decal paper using a specially designed digital printer.

The printer uses ceramic colours and fluxes rather than conventional toner. This allows the image to be fired onto the glazed surface at a temperature of 800 ℃ .

Working with colour photographs or vector graphics our Graphic Designer will consider a range of solutions to ensure the most suitable outcome for your needs. 

The following examples demonstrate some of the design considerations for landscape based images.

In these examples left, the sky and rock formations were considered the most important aspect of the image. The foreground by contrast was considered less so, making this area the ideal area to place the text.
These images posed a different issue. The foreground is critical to the composition of the image whereas the blueish tone of the mountain range set against the blue sky was not. By removing the sky the line and form of the mountains become more distinct while the white space presents the ideal area for the text.

The costs involved in producing custom designed No Fly Zone bottle tops vary depending on the time it takes to process your request and complete the art work. This work is priced at $60.00/hour + GST on a pro rata basis. The majority of jobs would take around 20 minutes or less (ie $20 + GST) while those that require considerable pre-press image maniplation/correction and/or involve other tasks will take longer. This is a one-off charge.

There is a minimum quantity of 4 counter top display boxes - a total of 80 bottle tops in the open display or 72 bottle tops in the 2-pack display option. All orders are charged at the usual wholesale price for either style of counter-top display box plus the one-off set up charge.

All orders follow a simple time line:

Contact Us. Tell us your design idea.

We will advise you on the specifications of the images/graphics that you need to supply.

On receipt of this information we will supply a quote for the one-off pre-press cost.

Once you approve the artwork and decide to proceed, the order will commence once payment is received.

To discuss your No Fly Zone® bottle-top design idea, Contact Us now!