About Us

We are a family business based in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Our combined expertise spans forty years and includes ceramic design and production, digital photography, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design and community art. We are enthusiastic about good design and promoting the Australian landscape and fauna.

We don't like flies!

The No Fly Zone bottle tops are made in our state-of-the-art slip cast ceramics facility. The bottle tops are formed in plaster moulds. These were designed with the use of 3D CAD programs and utilize CNC lathed aluminium prototypes and mould components alongside 3D printed tools.

Once the bottle-tops emerge from these moulds they are fired 3 times - bisque, glaze and decal - in electic kilns powered by a combination of solar and grid electricity.  The images and trademark are applied to the bottle tops using water transfer decals. These are made with both digital and silk screen printed images using ceramic colors and fluxes rather than conventional toners or inks.